In order to ensure the academic quality of the journal, all the manuscripts of Coal Science and Technology magazine have been drafted through the three independent reviews before they can be published, including the preliminary review of the editors-in-charge, the review of peer experts, and the final review of the editors-in-chief, and the peer review opinions will be released through the We-Chat public account.

1) The preliminary review of the editors-in-charge. The initial review of the manuscript is the first preliminary screening after the author submits the manuscript. It is necessary to initially confirm whether it meets the purpose of running the journal, the professional field to which the manuscript belongs, and select the reviewing expert and submit them for review in a timely manner. In this session, the editor-in-charge is responsible for the initial review, and the manuscript with poor quality or inconsistent with the purpose of running the magazine will be rejected.

2) Peer expert review. Peer review is the most critical part of the three-review system. In order to ensure that peer review experts can process manuscripts in a fair and objective manner, double anonymous reviews are employed, that is, editors-in-charge will send papers without any information from the author to the review experts. The author does not know any information from the review experts either. Double anonymous review weakens the author's gender, the level of the research institution, etc. The reviewer can abandon the concerns of personal relations and avoid the fair evaluation of the manuscript due to non-academic quality factors.

3) Editor-in-chief final review. In the three-review system, the editor-in-chief or executive editorial final review is the final review process, which plays a decisive role in the publication quality and academic level of the journal. The final review is mainly responsible for the political direction, academic quality and editorial publishing quality, so the manuscript should be strictly reviewed.