Coal Science and Technology started its first publication in 1973 and is now published monthly. It is affiliated with China Coal Research Institute and is a prestigious international academic journal in the coal field under the supervision of the National Mine Safety Administration. Coal Science and Technology is currently indexed/abstracted by more than 20 databases, including Scopus, Information Service for the Physics, Electro-technology, Computer and Control (INSPEC), Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD), JST, Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citation Database (CSTPCD), AJ, CBST, etc.

    Coal Science and Technology has been a source of primary research work in the coal field as a Chinese core scientific periodical. It focuses on two topics of green, intelligent, and efficient development of coal and low-carbon clean utilization. Coal Science and Technology seeks to promote research from all aspects of coal, including basic, applied, and engineering research and applications. This journal will primarily publish new research results in cutting-edge and emerging topics in coal, as well as covering traditional topics in coal engineering. The journal will publish original articles that are of high quality, high interest, and far-reaching consequence. The journal has international authorship and broad scope in the basic research of coal science and technology. Manuscripts written in Chinese will be accepted. Additional English titles, abstracts and key words should be included in Chinese manuscripts. All manuscripts to be published will be peer-reviewed and rigorously edited by specialists and authorities. The entire process from submission, review, to publication online, is handled electronically. Coal Science and Technology is an open access, online-only journal.

    In 2018 and 2019, Coal Science and Technology was selected as the "Top 100 Google Academic Journals of Chinese Academic Influence" for two consecutive years (selected from more than 9,000 Chinese-language journals). In 2021, according to Annual Report for Chinese Academic Journals Impact Factors, the impact factor of Coal Science and Technology is 2.650, ranking second in the 75 journals in the field of Mining Engineering technology. It has clearly established itself as the leading forum for rapid communication of coal science and technology research in China. About 94% of the published articles have been supported by the funds.

    Coal Science and Technology has a wide audience of scientists, engineers, teachers, and students working in coal science and technology. The international standard serial number (ISSN) for Coal Science and Technology is 0253-2336, and the CN is 11-2402/TD.